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Brian Kendzor - MT Sunrise Rotary Jun 18, 2021
Lucia Francis - MT Sunrise Rotary Jun 25, 2021
Meaningful Conversations
Meaningful Conversations

We continue a series of meaningful conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our team of your fellow Rotarians have been planning these sessions and our goal is that through meaningful conversations we will experience growth, gain deeper understanding, and renew our commitment to fairness and justice.

A Rotarian member of our team will guide each conversation within small groups of  4-5 people.   Small groups will feedback appropriate and significant information to the whole group.

What can you do to get the most out of each conversation ?

  • Look forward to an exciting, encouraging, insightful experience.
  • Review the Rotary Statement on racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion found in our web page.
  • View recommended  videos, listed below, before or after our conversations.  They will provide background and  information to help us in making our conversations meaningful.
  • Actively listen and participate in each conversation with your fellow Rotarians


Uncomfortable conversations with a black man. https://uncomfortableconvos.com/episode/episode-1

Verna Myers: How to overcome our biases? Walk boldly toward them. Click Here

Brian Hamilton - Loyola University Student Jul 09, 2021
The Borgen Project
The Borgen Project

Hello! My name is Brian Hamilton, and I am a college student studying political science and philosophy at Loyola University Chicago. This summer, I am interning with The Borgen Project, a nonprofit and nonpartisan advocacy organization that works to make global poverty reduction a key focus of the United States’ foreign policy, as well as raise awareness about global poverty in general.