Posted by Steve Lettau on Dec 27, 2022

Fellow Rotarians,

On Friday 12/23, Josh Lipp, a Good Samaritan, and Mequon Firefighter was injured trying to assist victims in a horrific crash on I41. The off-duty Firefighter/Paramedic was attempting to help fellow motorists in need after they had collided on I41, in West Allis, when he was also seriously injured himself by another vehicle joining the collision. You most likely hear about the crash, but if not, there is a link to the report below.

Josh suffered fractures to his back, hand, jaw, and toe, as well as other injuries. He remains hospitalized at Froedtert Hospital. According to police reports, the driver that delivered the blow did not have a valid license and is assumed uninsured.

Because Josh is family, we are raising funds to help him and his family through this challenging ordeal to show our appreciation for his generous actions. We do have a fund set up in the Fire Fighters union that will help, but we are seeking public and private donations. Our goal is to provide them with the financial support they will need for medical expenses and other unforeseen services so that they can focus their efforts on what matters most – Josh’s healing and recovery.

I am asking that our Rotary family join us in this effort by donating whatever we can; either by a Club grant or private donations, or both. Any little bit will help.

You may contact me if you have questions or are interested in donating. I'm sure you could reach out to Rotarian and Fire Chief Kurt Zellman as well, but he is on vacation right now so I'm not sure of his availability.

There has also been a donation site established at: CLICK HERE

Thank you,

Brian Kendzor

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