May 20, 2022
Danika Tramburg - Marketing Communications Manager


Danika is a graduate of Concordia University Wisconsin where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Sport and Entertainment Business. With an extensive resume and go-getter attitude, she is fortunate to have accomplished great feats and taken on opportunities. 

From working the Super bowl to engaging in philanthropic initiatives with the National Basketball Wives Association, playing college basketball to being Miss Wisconsin USA 2019, working as a Marketing and Communications Manager and managing a Real Estate business, each experience in life has helped shape her into the charismatic, confident woman she is today. 

She is grateful for the opportunities she has had to be a spokesperson for many organizations on large stages, across the nation, interviewing high-profile athletes and individuals and cultivating a brand she is proud to represent. With a voice to use for good, she strives to make an impact everywhere she goes and on everyone she meets. Above all, she attributes her blessings in life to the God she serves.


  • Introduction
  • Who Kapco is (Kacmarcik Enterprises)
  • Kapco's Why
  • Philanthropy at our forefront
  • Turning Rivers
  • Camp Hometown Heroes
  • Camp Reunite
  • Kids2Kids Christmas & Wonderland
  • Grand Slam Charity Jam
  • Power of Humans
  • Questions