The Redress Movement
Feb 24, 2023
Brittany Vulich - Local Campaign Digital Organizer
The Redress Movement

The Redress Movement is an emerging racial justice organization that aims to organize racially and ethnically diverse local movements in communities throughout the U.S.  We will help residents to build and wield collective power needed to redress residential segregation of their own and neighboring communities.

We believe that just as segregation was caused by specific laws, specific policies and specific decision makers, segregation and its multi-generational impacts can be redressed. Our vision is a society no longer divided and separated.

While we know that segregation that took decades to establish cannot be undone overnight, we are determined to take the first steps on an unwavering path to redress it as a moral and constitutional obligation.


Originally from rural Illinois, Brittany has called the Greater Milwaukee Area homebase for the past 16 years. After graduating from UW-Milwaukee with a double major in Global Studies and Spanish, she was selected as one of 26 volunteers for the inaugural cohort to the Republic of Kosovo with the Peace Corps serving as an ESL instructor for two years.

She began her organizing career volunteering to knock doors and ask voters about the issues that mattered most to them. She was serving as the Financial Director in the home stretch of a Wisconsin Supreme Court race when the COVID pandemic hit. Nationwide, campaigns turned to digital organizing and physically-distant outdoor events. Likewise Brittany went on to work for several local races and coordinated campaigns focusing on digital organizing, car rallies, and literature drops to help turn out the vote in the fall of 2020.

That same year, she founded Break the Silence in the Burbs (BSB) to create a space in Milwaukee suburbs to amplify BIPOC voices and for residents to show up in solidarity with demands for justice for victims of police brutality and call for systemic change. In partnership with allied and Black-led organizations, BSB co-organized dozens of marches, community conversations, and direct-actions including letter writing campaigns to state legislators and school boards in support of anti-racist policies.

Brittany looks forward to helping the Redress Movement create an inclusive, multiracial coalition reflective of the Greater Milwaukee Area to effectively redress the legacy of racial segregation and advance housing justice in southeatern Wisconsin.