Posted by Steve Lettau on Nov 09, 2020

Editors Note: I pass along this message from Sam Azinger. (Photo by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel photographer Mike De Sisti)

As many of you undoubtedly know, a fire broke out at the cheel yesterday afternoon, the staple restaurant in Thiensville owned by member Barkha Daily and her husband Jesse. The cheel holds a corporate membership with Lawrence Kreiner and Barkha as the corporate representatives. We wake up this morning with a great deal of sorrow in our hearts for our friends and Rotary family, as well as all of those impacted by the fire. Jesse has posted "We will rebuild," and undoubtedly Rotarians will be here to help.

Certainly Barkha and Jesse are going through a great deal at this time, and I'm sure they are extremely overwhelmed. Once things calm down, we will be given an opportunity to show what being a member of the Rotary family means, and what People of Action are all about. However, it isn't time for action yet.

At this time I have reached out to Barkha and Jesse and asked them to let me know how our members can assist. I'm sure there are many who wish there is something we can do now, and I assure you the time will come. When we know how, when, and where, that information will be provided. Until then we can offer our thoughts, prayers and love to Barkha, Jesse, Larry, and the whole cheel family.

Sam Azinger
TM Rotary Club