As many Rotarians know in our club, part of our Vocational Services has been to network with job search candidates at the inter-denominational ministry called Lumen Christi Employment Network (LCEN) here in Mequon.  The group meets every Wednesday morning at 7:30 in the St. Cecilia's Hall above the parish offices.  Lumen Christi is located on Mequon Road at the intersection of Range Line Road.

LCEN has helped 623 job search candidates find jobs since it started in 2002.  It was founded by a Paul Harris Award recipient and now a downtown Rotarian Pat Cronin, and Dave Kliber and others, and is now led by some very good people each week.  It's is a free and safe place for people to go when they find themselves looking for a job.  Candidates lose their jobs through corporate  downsizing, mergers, reorganizations, market changes, and other reasons.  People who find themselves in this situation often have a family to support, a mortgage and other loan obligations, and they are scared and often feel lost.


LCEN gives them a place to simply show up, talk about their situation and goals with a caring and receptive group of people who truly want to help them.  They can find clarity of purpose, encouragement, and support of their faith in each other and God as they seek the next chapter in their careers.  Advice and contacts are given and shared, and sometimes experts are brought in to speak about topics ranging from resumes to counseling and reading resources.

As a Rotarian, you can do Service Above Self by dropping in occasionally, listening, and then having coffee or a lunch with someone in need, giving your contact information to help their search.  It is amazing to see the magic of how people help people.  It clearly meets the 4 Way Test.  Please talk to either John Haut, Chair of our Club's Vocational Committee Avenue of Service, or Renee Settle-Robinson, or Dave Kliber for more information.  Or just drop in on a Wednesday at 7:30 am and listen and watch the process happen and be a part of solutions that really make a difference in our community!