Posted by Steve Lettau on Jul 14, 2021

From TM Rotary Newsletter

We'll start off on a serious note. Some of the greatest honors we have in Rotary are the annual awards, and this year did not disappoint. Connie Pukaite was invited under a guise that may or may not have violated the first part of the four way test, but the lie was necessary to preserve the surprise, which she most certainly was when she was awarded an Honorary Paul Harris Award.

Connie also did not disappoint when she spoke, which despite being completely surprised seemed like a rehearsed oration. If there's one thing that everyone could take away it is that what Rotary and Rotarians all over the world are doing is preserving and creating a future that most will not live to see. It's impossible to not feel inspired when Connie is in the house!

Congratulations Connie!!!