Good news!!   
Pollinator Gardens get District 6270 Grant Support    
M-T Sunrise Rotary received notice this week from District 6270 Grants Committee Chair, Jeff Reed, that “the check’s in the mail”  after the Club submitted its final report on the Operation Pollination Garden Project.  “Nice project,” Jeff said.  “Thank you for your report and service of your Club.”  
Club members planted a small series of Pollinator Gardens last Fall in Mequon’s City Park along the Milwaukee River just north of the Town Center Gateway near the groves of flowering Redbud Trees that M-T Sunrise planted some years ago.   Over 300 potted native wildflowers and grasses plus 16 native-plant seed-mats (similar to sod rolls, but totally seeded with pollinator plants) were planted in October.
The Pollinator Gardens were conceived as a demonstration project with an important goal of community education and awareness about the importance of pollinators and the need to restore habitat.  The intent is to provide area citizens with educational resources that can inspire and guide them to create pollinator gardens, big or small, at their homes and/or businesses.  Signage in the demonstration gardens, funded by Port Washington State Bank, provides QR code connections to Operation Pollination educational materials. The signage also includes information about a cell phone plant identification app (recommend by the Mequon Nature Preserve staff), that visitors to the gardens may download to instantly identify plants that they find to be of interest.  Milwaukee Area Technical College – Mequon Campus, one of the Club’s Operation Pollination partners, makes free seeds available to anyone who might have interest in creating their own pollinator garden.
The Pollinator Gardens are just now beginning to sprout their Spring foliage, well protected from nibbling critters behind the fences Rotarians installed.  Take a walk to see the start up of the Pollinator Gardens and the Redbud Trees before they finish blooming for this year.
Planting Fencing (Protection from Critters