Posted by Steve Lettau on Oct 22, 2018

Connie Pukaite and Lee Symborski lead the discussion on the MT Community Promenade at this week's club meeting. (Photo by Bob Blazich)


The area, known as the Town Center, is a mixed-use traditional neighborhood that represents the heart of our combined communities of Mequon and Thiensville, offering a walkable central destination for homes, restaurants, businesses, and local government services.  The Town Center promotes new growth, expansion and redevelopment opportunities along Mequon Road from the Milwaukee River to Wauwatosa Road and from Mequon Road north to Concord Road, spanning the communities of Mequon & Thiensville.

One of the original goals, dating back to 2002, was the selection of a design for a community feature at the northeast corner of Mequon Road and Cedarburg Road. In 2017, the Mequon-Thiensville Gateway Committee partnered with Groth Design Group of Cedarburg and Zebradog of Madison to select a design that now has the support of both the Mequon Common Council and Thiensville Village Board. 

The design, a community promenade, serves as identification of the point of arrival into a special and distinct neighborhood that is the center of the two communities. The promenade enhances the entry point to Town Center and Historic Main Street. It is a public feature meant to:

  • Announce arrival at a special place
  • Activate the riverfront
  • Serve as a public amenity
  • Promote history and art of the community
  • Celebrate the vitality and new growth to the heart of the communities.
  • Other aspects of this project include improving the pedestrian access and safety and signage for the businesses and amenities in the neighborhood district.


This project was designed with the objective of announcing an arrival, engaging the community and enhancing the experience of the district and park. Using traditional materials acknowledges the history of the area while the modern form signifies the successful changes happening in the neighborhood. The circular form is in response to the unique 360 degree character of the site. Additionally, the form provides visitors the ability to take a complete journey through the park, experiencing the site through different perspectives.

Adjusting some of the existing paths and landscaping elements and adding new treatments allows for a better pedestrian experience and increases safety on the corner. Using a combination of masonry walls and wood slats allows for additional separation from the street and further enhances the experience within the park. The new community space within the neighborhood creates a public use amenity and provides a vehicle for signage opportunities.

Committee Members

  • Connie Pukaite (Co-Chair)
  • David Lange (Co-Chair)
  • Colleen Krueger
  • Lee Symborski
  • Sandy Custer
  • Dave Hagemeier
  • John Mikkelson


Connie Pukaite or David Lange at: