Posted by Steve Lettau on Feb 22, 2023

As part of the Rotary Grant for our pollinator garden project, education and outreach is part of our mission, to our club members and outside our club as well. Below is a little piece of information about the importance of snow to pollinator plants.

The pollinator Garden’s Prayer: “ LET IT SNOW”!!

Simply put, Wisconsin winters are damn tuff!! We need a good snow cover to give us a “blanket of protection”

Without snow, we can get: Freeze dried,  Heaved out of the ground, Suffer from drought, Burnt to a crisp, think its Spring on a Sunny day or Suffocate under a sheet of ice!

And then, “No Soup for You! ( no honey either) and nothing for the birds and the bees.

You get the picture – without the protection of a blanket of snow, bad things happen. We could get stunted, maimed or just plain DIE!

So just saying, from one bloomer to another, “ LET IT SNOW”!!


William Wandsnider 
BS Landscape Architecture UW Madison