Posted by Steve Lettau on Jun 20, 2022

The following is from the nomination document submitted by Lynn Streeter.

This award was created to recognize those that provide significant support to our Club, often behind the scenes. In particular in the creation of this award, we thought of those family members of Rotarians that put forward significant effort on behalf of the Club and are our unseen, unsung heroes!

Well, I have found one of those heroes and she is Laura Schlageter. If you watch closely, you will notice Laura’s presence at so many of our Club activities. Let me give you a few examples: Laura participates in many of our work days at the park, she helps with the goats, she is with us from beginning to end on those cold days when we walk in the woods. Laura took the lead in decorating the River Club for our highly successful international fund-raising event. Some of you will remember our Club’s kayaking event that ended with a cook out in the Schlageter’s back yard. 

You may or may not notice that Laura is the “second car” for many of our events. She stays behind and waits for Dave’s call: “we need more clippers or loppers at the park” and most recently “we need a bucket and cleaning supplies for our alumni dinner”. Then Laura arrives in the “second car” with whatever we need.

Laura is the perfect example of why our Club selected this award. I hope that you share my thoughts and gratitude and will honor Laura with the Family and community Service award.