Posted by Steve Lettau on Dec 19, 2019

Back Story:

In 2018 Lynn Streeter introduced us to an exceptional young man by the name of Matthew Ceelen. Matt's story began with a letter to our club requesting financial support for his Eagle Scout project of building two bat houses to be placed in the Mequon Nature Preserve. With the request approved, we heard what Paul Harvey used to call "The rest of the story".

Matthew was diagnosed with bone cancer just weeks shy of his 15th birthday. In medical terms it is a high grade sclerosing subtype of osteosarcoma. Approximately 450 children in North America are diagnosed with osteosarcoma each year. He is 1 of approximately 4 children who will be diagnosed with his subtype of osteosarcoma in 2017. 


Matt has worked diligently over the last year (as health issues permit) to complete his Eagle Scout project.  He has committed 270 hours so far.  He finished his two planned “nursery” bat houses and built an additional bat house with a hinged front that can be used to educate students.  The next and final step is to install these on poles.  This will happen in spring and it is my hope that Rotarians will assist in the installation at the Mequon Nature Preserve.