Posted by Steve Lettau on Sep 12, 2019

District 7020 in the Bahamas (and other islands) is who we just did our Rotary Friendship Exchange with this past April.  God willing, hopefully a team will still be coming to visit us in October.

Their district is coordinating an effort to help those devastated in their country.  They have been sharing with me so many videos from friends and close family in Freeport and Abaco. So much destroyed.

They are gathering items on the islands not as badly hit. What they will need to help rebuild is funds.  They have coordinated a fund and are starting to aid those in need.  During the last big disaster that hit the Virgin Islands, these Rotarians- who are the home club of Barry Rassin, our last RI President- oversaw 54 projects on three Islands.  So, they are very versed in helping in these situations.

These are the words below from my Rotary friends:

“Funds are a priority because our experience is that persons are often inundated with the same things or not the necessary things. Funds allow strategic acquisition of needed items.”

Julie Craig,
Fellowship Chair
District 6270