Posted by Steve Lettau on Apr 23, 2020

On Saturday 18 April, four members of the MT Sunrise Rotary Club took part in a ZOOM meeting of international Rotarians.

MT Sunrise participants included President Dave Schlageter, Brian Monroe, Bob Blazich, and John Cabaniss who organized local participation through his current host club in Spain.

The meeting included Rotarians from Ukraine, Spain, Brazil, Shanghai, Canada, France, Gabon, The United Kingdom, Indonesia, The Philippines, and the United States.

As the group went through introductions, we were all asked to provide an update on our local COVID-19 situation. During the hour we met, it was the general consensus that our responsibility at this time was to our own communities. The group agreed that under the present pandemic, it was best to "Think globally but act locally".

Members of the group pledged to stay in contact through a WhatsApp group to share ideas and pandemic updates.