Posted by Steve Lettau on Jun 16, 2020

Rotary and OWLT brought the animals in to demonstrate to local property owners that goats can help manage buckthorn and other invasive plants efficiently. The goats will browse on and completely defoliate over 7 acres of brush within two weeks, and deplete the plants’ energy reserves. Multiple browsing periods will eventually kill the buckthorn.

The goats are enclosed in paddocks created by electric fences that may limit access to some trails in the Woods, so children and adults are urged to stay away from the fences. Temporarily, no dogs are allowed in the woods for the safety of both goats and dogs.

City residents are encouraged to visit the Woods over the next two weeks to watch the goats browse on buckthorn. 

Property Owners interested in more information about hiring the goats after they finish clearing buckthorn in Pukaite Woods are encouraged to email: or call 262-242-2778