Posted by Steve Lettau on Oct 13, 2021

Family, Friends and Politics Workshop:
How to talk with loved ones when you don’t always agree.
Monday, November 8th, 2021
11am – 2:00pm at Cedarburg Cultural Center

Just in time for the holidays! If you want to preserve important relationships while still being true to your values and political beliefs, this workshop is for you. Although the focus is on family relationships, you can use strategies in this workshop with any loved one. You’ll laugh and have some fun—it won’t be all serious. After all, we all come from quirky families!

The workshop will be co-facilitated by Susan Vergeront and Cameron Swallow, from Braver Angels, a national nonprofit with a mission to depolarize America. Susan Vergeront is a retired Presbyterian minister and a former Wisconsin Republican Assemblywoman who represented Ozaukee and Sheboygan Counties for five terms. Cameron Swallow is a former teacher, bluegrass musician, and now Wisconsin state coordinator for Braver Angels.

The Ozaukee League of Women Voters endeavors to break down barriers and bring civility back to our community through open discussion and compassionate collaboration. In that spirit of cooperation, we are bringing Braver Angels to our community. Patriotic-empathy is our shared foundation--that our love for our country is shown by our concern for our fellow citizens.

Pre-registration is required. The $15 cost includes a box lunch. Masks are strongly encouraged, and tickets are limited due to COVID restrictions, so register early at

“If feelings about our political adversaries can be represented on a spectrum, our objective is to move Americans from hatred or disdain to respect and appreciation.” – Braver Angels