Join Us Today for an Insightful Session on ClubRunner with Jim DeLillo

The Rotary Club is excited to host Jim DeLillo, an accomplished IT manager with a rich website development and maintenance background.

Jim's extensive experience in the IT field makes him the perfect guide to explore the depths of ClubRunner, the Rotary Club's comprehensive social communication platform.

About Jim DeLillo:

  • Renowned IT Manager.
  • Expert in website development and maintenance.
  • Proven track record of managing successful IT projects.

Discover the World of ClubRunner:

  • Unified Platform: Learn how ClubRunner consolidates all essential services for effective club management.
  • Enhanced Web Presence: Understand the tools to elevate your club's online visibility.
  • Improved Communication: Explore features designed to streamline communication within the club.
  • Member Engagement: Gain insights into engaging and retaining members effectively.
  • Centralized Management: See how ClubRunner brings everything together for a seamless member experience.

This session is a must for all members who wish to leverage the full potential of ClubRunner in fostering a more connected and vibrant club community.

Don't Miss Out! Join us to benefit from Jim's expertise and to understand how ClubRunner can transform our club's operations.

Club Bulletin
Jim recently took on the job of assisting Fr. Mike with the Club Bulletin.
He will present information on the Bulletin and how you can present content for inclusion in any issue.