By Gary Achterberg

Mayor Dan Abendroth paid tribute to Pukaite, presenting her with a plaque, a city street sign with her name and a resolution that declared Tuesday as “Connie Pukaite Day” in the city.

Pukaite stepped down from the dais and asked to speak for a few minutes. She said she appreciated the opportunity to serve the community again when she was elected to the Common Council as a write-in candidate. She was mayor from 1986 to 1992 and served four years prior to that as an alderman.


“You should know that that although I have purposely retired – again – from public office, I am not retiring from civic engagement,” she said. “I believe every citizen has a responsibility to stay informed and share views about public policy and action.

“So, you can count on seeing or hearing from me – that may or may not be welcome news to you,” she said, eliciting chuckles.

She added she always has tried to make the right decision for all of Mequon’s residents, even if it wasn’t always the most popular.

For instance, she said she supported installation of sewers in Solar Heights, widening Mequon Road from a narrow two-lane highway, supporting the Tax Incremental Finance district for the business park, building the Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee Hospital, creating Rotary Park and developing numerous subdivisions throughout Mequon.

“I believe people are elected to office to be visionaries and change agents – not simply keepers of the status quo and guardians of the purse,” she said. “Elected officials are responsible for protecting the quality of life in our city while helping the city adapt to change and prepare for the future.”