Africa Update
Apr 19, 2019
Lance Parve - Hope Without Borders
Africa Update

Hope Without Borders has grown a lot in the last several years, but our mission remains the same -  empowering people and transforming communities. We help the needy, vulnerable to change their lives as they learn new skills,  technologies and capabilities. When someone learns a new skill, they teach someone else, and in the end you have helped entire communities.

We are about community development, whether in America or abroad. Many in despair have "basic needs" such as clean water, safe sanitation, nutritious food, health-dental care, adequate shelter and education, which many of us take for granted. We empower, inspire and resource individuals and communities in need starting with their strengths, listening, learning and working together on life-changing sustainable development initiatives.

Community development ideas flourish, but the landscape is littered by numerous failed agency,  government and organization projects at a devastating loss to the most needy. We believe working and serving together we can change the lives of the needy worldwide spreading HOPE one person and one community at a time.