Oct 07, 2022
Clarene Mitchell - TCM Communications

My work history includes print journalism, public relations, community outreach and activism. When I initially started TCM Communications, I offered broad public relations consulting. I quickly zoned in to providing LinkedIn coaching, training and speaking exclusively based on the inquiries I received. 

I also saw a gap in there being skilled professionals who exclusively provided the services. My daily use of the platform gives me expertise that goes far beyond what some may just read in a book or gain from a training. 

As of January 2021, I created 'The LinkedIn Results Ignitor' as my business moniker. I'm very outcomes driven. When clients begin with me, I tell them the the process is all about them getting a return on their investment. We start out with key LinkedIn data regarding their status on the platform. We work as a team to improve the data. As their analytics improve, they start generating results on the platform.

Oh by the they, entrepreneurship was not a goal for me but now I can't imagine not being one. I LOVE WHAT I DO! Helping others to Shine Online the most gratifying role I have had in my career. 

On a personal note, when I need to unwind I binge watch HTGV.