The Oliveros Scholarship Fund
Jun 18, 2021
Brian Kendzor - MT Sunrise Rotary
The Oliveros Scholarship Fund

The Oliveros Scholarship Fund was created to help a secondary level student in grades 7-12 continue their schooling. In the village we serve, Oliveros, Guatemala, the school only goes to sixth grade. After that, students have to travel to Chiquimulilla, a city that's about 15 miles from Oliveros, to continue their education. flag

Typically, most students in Oliveros do not go past sixth grade. This is especially true for young girls. The students who receive our scholarships, and we now have over 30 students involved, are recommended by their elementary school teachers and must maintain good grades in order to continue to receive their scholarship. For $130/year, a student receives books, tuition, uniform, and transportation.

The scholarship idea came from Jeannine Desautels, a Madison Rotarian, who is a long-time member of our medical team in Guatemala. The fund continues to be managed by Jeannine and her fellow Madison Rotarians. Donations are accepted in any amount, and all funds received are used for scholarships.