The Child Advocacy Center for Ozaukee County
May 18, 2018
Amanda Didier, MS, CSW - Exec Director
The Child Advocacy Center for Ozaukee County

Amanda R. Didier, MS, CSW - Executive Director at Lakeshore Regional Child Advocacy Center

Ms. Didier has dedicated her career to serving children and families affected by abuse and neglect. Her roles in the past nineteen years have included group home worker, juvenile probation officer, social worker, Child Protective Services Initial Assessment worker, sexual reactive youth group facilitator, therapist, crisis counselor, and forensic interviewer. In her previous position as forensic interviewer at the Children’s Hospital of WI – Child Protection Center, she completed interviews for local, state, and federal investigators; facilitated peer reviews; mentored new interviewers; provided both expert and fact testimony; offered guest lectures and trainings at universities and for professional groups and agencies; and provided advocacy to children and families. Ms. Didier has completed over 3000 interviews and continues her commitment to advocating for the disenfranchised, the marginalized, and the unheard.

In her position as a Forensic Interviewing Specialist for Ozaukee, Sheboygan and Washington counties, Ms. Didier continues in her roles as an interviewer, advocate, and educator while spearheading development of the Lakeshore Regional Child Advocacy Center.