Moms Mental Health Initiative (MMHI)
Mar 29, 2019
Sarah Ornst Bloomquist - MMHI
Moms Mental Health Initiative (MMHI)

Sarah Ornst Bloomquist, CFLE, CLC has been advocating for women’s perinatal mental health since she experienced her own postpartum depression and anxiety after the birth of her first son.

Sarah brings over 18 years of professional experience including her work as child advocacy program coordinator at Cottageview Children’s Center, life coach at Innermost Coaching, relationship specialist at Fathers and Families Center, and as a counselor at Women’s Care Center in Milwaukee. Sarah is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Family Life Educator, and speaker. She is committed to helping moms break down the obstacles to effective treatment and find hope in the process.

Born and raised in the greater Milwaukee area, she is a cheesehead at heart, but did spend 10 years as a Hoosier after marrying Mike (a native of Indiana and Larry Bird fan). Sarah lives in the greater Milwaukee area with her husband and two children. She is active in her local mom’s club, enjoys spontaneous mini-excursions with her family, hanging out with friends and neighbors, and taking her rescue dog, Remi, for walks.