The Situation in Cameroon
Feb 14, 2020
Dr. Cal Tamanji
The Situation in Cameroon


Dr. Cal Tamanji, PHD;AICP. Professor of Economics/Social Science  Milwaukee Area Technical College,President of Ozaukee County NAACP Branch, Adviser of West Cameroon Community Association(WECAWI.)

Dr Zachary Nchinda, Phd Professor of History Milwaukee Area Technical College, Adviser of West Cameroon Community Association(WECAWI.)

Mr George Azeh, MSc. Consulting Accountant. President of West Cameroon Community Association(WECAWI). They are all US citizens of Southern Camerron origin that have lost relatives in the ongoing French-backed genocide in Southern Cameroons(Ambazonia.)

A brief synopsis is that more than 8million people are being deprived of their home land by the French backed genocidal regime in Southern Cameroon. About 15,000 killed, about  3 million internally displaced, about 1million refugees in Nigeria that lack basic survival needs from food to sanitary diapers etc. Thus, our concerned group here will be grateful to share this story with your club to help with our ongoing humanitarian relief efforts toward this crises.