Serenity Inns
Jul 26, 2019
Ellen Luby - Board of Director Serenity Inns
Serenity Inns

Our mission is simple. Help men who choose recovery over their addiction with drugs and alcohol. We help give men the opportunity to have a fresh start in life.  We provide the only recovery facility in Milwaukee that doesn’t require insurance or ability to pay. 

Our three-phase transitional program helps men build the foundation they need in order to be re-introduced to society. It is a highly structured program modeled after a program of recovery within the ministry of Shared Hope in Washington, D.C. – Samaritan Inns – that has been successfully operating for the past 30 years. Visit website:


Ellen Luby: Ellen is currently the Talent Acquisition Manager for A. O. Smith Corporation in Milwaukee. She also serves on the Human Resources & Compensation Committee for the Next Door Foundation of Milwaukee and the Talent & Education Committee for the Milwaukee Water Council.

Virginia Zignego: Virginia joined the staff of Serenity Inns in August 2018. She is responsible for Serenity's revenue streams which allow us to achieve our mission and maximize our impact in the community. She works on a daily basis with churches, foundations, individual donors and community partners. In her spare time, Virginia enjoys running, cooking, traveling and Milwaukee's arts.

David Romoser: David is the retired Senior V.P. General Counsel and Secretary of A. O. Smith Corporation. He maintains an alternate dispute resolution practice serving as a mediator and arbitrator. He also serves on a number of not-for-profit boards and as an advisor and consultant to several others.