Customer Experience and Performance Excellence
Aug 07, 2020
Lisa Hare - Program Manager Froedtert Health
Customer Experience and Performance Excellence

Lisa Hare is the Program Manager for Customer Experience & Performance Excellence, a Froedtert Health department designed to create exceptional patient and customer experiences through coaching and training of evidence based communication best practices. In 2013, Froedtert transitioned from an external service coach to a new internal team called Performance Excellence.

She developed her coaching skill set and was trained and validated through this external coach and was a founding member of the Performance Excellence team. This past November she celebrated 15 years with the organization. Lisa is a trained LifeXT coach; a science based program designed to help improve wellbeing, eliminate burnout, increase resiliency to stress, increase focus and promote teamwork. She is a gifted presenter and loves to connect or reconnect people back to purpose. She prides herself on her ability to inspire and enjoys working with Froedtert Health partners in the community.

Lisa completed her Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Administration in December 2018, with a focus on mindfulness in leadership, a topic she is very passionate about.