Paul Harris Fellows

Donations to the Rotary Foundation support a wide variety of programs. Donors of $1,000 to the Annual Programs Fund, Polio Plus, or the Humanitarian Grants program, or people who have that amount donated in their name, are recognized as Paul Harris Fellows.

Our Club is very proud to support the fine work of the Rotary Foundation. In addition to encouraging our members to donate directly to the Foundation through the "Every Rotarian Every Year" program, the Club donates from Club funds annually.  The club's donation may be made in the name of a Rotary member or outstanding non-Rotarian community member who exemplifies the goals of Rotary.

We are very proud of the 25 active members who are recognized as Paul Harris Fellows, some of whom are Multiple Paul Harris Fellows.  These members are:

Bob Blazich (2007) - Multiple Paul Harris Fellow

Lucia Francis (2018)

Tim Hamilton (2017)

Doug Hansen (2009)

John Haut (2016) - Multiple Paul Harris Fellow

 Dave Jackson (2010) - Multiple Paul Harris Fellow

 Brian Kendzor (2015)

 Michael Kim (2014) - Multiple Paul Harris Fellow

Dave Kliber (2013) - Multiple Paul Harris Fellow

Steve Lettau (2016)

Brian Monroe (2006) - Multiple Paul Harris Fellow

Andy Moss (1998)

Lance Parve (2019)

Steve Peterman (2004) - Multiple Paul Harris Fellow

Connie Pukaite (2007) - Multiple Paul Harris Fellow

Terry Schacht (2013) - Multiple Paul Harris Fellow

Dave Schlageter (2017) - Multiple Paul Harris Fellow

Alice Sedgwick (2003) - Multiple Paul Harris Fellow

Rene' Settle Robinson (2015)

Cindy Shaffer (2017) - Multiple Paul Harris Fellow

Mike Shay (2002) - Multiple Paul Harris Fellow

Wally Sommer (2003)

Lynn Streeter (2008) - Multiple Paul Harris Fellow

 Lee Szymborski (2008)

 Bill Wandsnider (2000) - Multiple Paul Harris Fellow

Chuck Zamora (2017)

We have also recognized six outstanding non-Rotarians as Paul Harris Fellows. 

  1. Dr. Bruce Newman was recognized in 2009 for his service with the Guatemala Medical Relief Project. 
  2. In 2012, Barb Johnson was recognized also for her service with the Guatemala Medical Relief Project. 
  3. Pat Cronin was recognized in 2012 for establishing the Lumen Christi Employment Network and helping over 400 individuals find work over the years. 
  4. In 2015, Matt Richmond was recognized for continuing and improving on the vision for the Gathering on the Green summertime performing arts venue. 
  5. Brittany Storhoff was awarded a Paul Harris from the Club in 2017 for her leadership of the Guatemala Medical Relief Project.
  6. In 2018, Jan Blazich was recognized for all her years of service with Youth Exchange and supporting the club alongside her husband Bob.

Over time, a number of our members have moved on with their lives. Although they have left the Club for retirement or new challenges, we are always happy when they can join us for events and activities. We are pleased to recognize them here as members who gained their Paul Harris Fellow recognition during their time as members of the Club.

Tom Aranow (2010)

Roanne Barnes (2001)

Carole Blaney (2009)

Rich Bub (2001)

Dick Dieffenbach (2002) 

Mike Fletcher (1994)

 Roger Gronwick (2009)

Andrew Harrigan (2015)

Gordon Hetzel (2008)

 Jean Hill (1995)

 Linda Kliebhan (1999)

 Ed Meier (2000)

 Dick Miller (1995)

Sharon Pechiva (2012)

 Roger Reinemann (1992) - Rotary Foundation Benefactor

 Don Roensch (1999)

 Deb Simpson (2005)

 Amy Sterkenburg (2004)

 Deb Turk (2005)

 Dorothy Wahner (2006)

 Ken Zganjar (2005)

For further information, read the Paul Harris brochure available through the Rotary International website at