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The Guatemala Medical Relief Partnership began in 2003 with the vision of a Rotarian from Wisconsin to provide general/basic medical care to people who couldn’t otherwise receive care. Positioned in Oliveros, Santa Rosa, Guatemala a team of around 40 individuals travel to offer a clinic with General Medical, Vision and Dental care. Visit GMRP.org.

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Calling all Rotarians!

We are partnering with Family Sharing of Ozaukee County to collect non-perishable food items through the month of February.

Family Sharing provides food, at no charge, to people in need in Ozaukee County. All donations of food are distributed directly to those who need it. Their supply is at a critical low this time of year, and we’d like to help support their efforts in collecting items.

Please bring your food donations to our Friday meetings. Items may also be dropped off at Ozaukee Bank at the Mequon and Thiensville locations.

Thanks for your support!

Be a POW

Asher Schroeder
Rotary Club of Maquoketa, Iowa

I was 18 when I was drafted. I turned 19 in Europe. I landed in Normandy a week after the D-Day invasion as a replacement for casualties that occurred during the initial assault. I was a part of the liberation of Paris on 25 August 1944. That November, I was with a group of soldiers that was surrounded for four days by Germans in the Hürtgen Forest in Germany. I had been wounded and was lying in a foxhole. We had been cut off from all supplies – ammunition, food, water, and medical supplies. The officer in charge decided to try to get the able-bodied out. They took off very early one morning and left 14 of us wounded behind. 

Later that day, German forces came through. Once they satisfied themselves that we were wounded, they told us to get back in our holes and to stay there, “as the next German group that comes through might shoot you.”

From Rotary District 6270 Website

Several years ago at the International Conference in Australia, two members from the Rotary Action Group Against Slavery and Trafficking gave a presentation about slavery in India and around the world. They specifically talked about a village in Pradesh, India.  

The total population of the hamlet was 400 – 132 of them were enslaved and others were at risk of debt bondage because of dire poverty. Only 203 individuals in the community knew how to write their name and most were illiterate and innumerate. Five children were enrolled in school but did not attend as they work with their parents instead.  Their economic condition was dire. People were landless, and enslaved in debt bondage at the slaveholder’s farm doing construction projects or working in brick kilns. Some family members including children have been trafficked to other states.

After the conference representatives from The Rotary Club of Binghamton met with Carol Metzger one of the presenters at the conference and with the help of an organization call School4Freedom was able to apply for a district international grant to help the village two years ago. 

The following progress report was recently sent.

The School4Freedom in India process is now underway – a school is built, kids are attending (some from families who are illiterate and innumerate), a solar streetlamp has been installed, hot lunches are being served and six kids were rescued from slavery in a brick kiln and are now attending the school. The rest of the village is slowly being educated so they are ready to demand their own freedom and be self-sufficient at the end of the 3-year process.

Your Rotary donation made this possible. 

Thank you.

“The nice thing about egotists is that they don’t talk about other people.” ~ Lucille S. Harper

Ride a scooter across the Sahara

Ahmad Elzoghby
Rotary Club of Alexandria Cosmopolitan, Egypt

Back in 2011, not many people were riding scooters here. But the car traffic where we lived in Alexandria was insane, so I and a few friends started to ride scooters as an alternative means of transportation.

One day a friend recommended that we do a tour around Egypt, from where we live in Alexandria to Sharm el-Sheikh, which is 450 miles away. And I said, why not? A few days later, I thought, why not go from the very north of Egypt to the very eastern border, then go south and visit all the tourist sights? Egypt depends mainly on tourism, and at this time tourism was suffering because of the recent Egyptian revolution. So we thought we would do this to tell the world that Egypt is still a safe place to visit: We can tour the country on scooters and still be safe.

Six months in the role of President give me the opportunity to reflect on the service above self eagerly undertaken by our members. It is said that the most precious gift you can give is time. When you give of your time, you give a little of yourself and a part of your life to someone else. Time in the service of others is what defines all Rotarians. This is especially true for Rotarians who are members of the Mequon-Thiensville Sunrise Rotary who are positive people driven to serve.

We began our 2016-2017 journey with the much-enjoyed Changing of the Guard event which had a tropical theme and saw one of our new members do a wonderful limbo move. We learned from the many excellent speakers. We prepared a meal for the residents of Advocates of Ozaukee County and held a children’s toys collection. All time well spent.

Many members spent a great deal of time preparing, organizing and running Lobstefrest. This was our most successful fundraiser. The results are evidence of the very generous business and individuals in our region. The funds raised will be distributed among several organizations in our region and worldwide.

At the half time mark of this fiscal year, we held our Rotary Holiday Party. This was a fun filled evening well planned by members of Club Service.

Many heartfelt thanks to all who continue to be engaged in all activities, your presence is essential and your time is invaluable.


Lucia Francis
Club President

By Erik S. Hanley

Mequon - Possible zoning code changes may shut down plans for a cell tower set to be built in a residential neighborhood in Mequon.

The proposed changes, which state non-residential structures must be as far from residential properties as they are tall, will be on the Jan. 10 common council agenda for public hearing and potential action.

"We all understand the impact of this, protecting our residential neighborhood," said Mayor Dan Abendroth.

When you sit down to enjoy a beer, you probably don't spend a lot of time thinking about one of its main ingredients – water. Or the fact that 3,000 children die each day from diseases caused by unsafe water.

A group of innovative Rotarians aren't just thinking; they're doing something about it.

Their group, Beers Rotarians Enjoy Worldwide (BREW), has organized events around the world and is working to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Rotary's global water, sanitation, and hygiene efforts.

"By drinking a beer, I can help bring fresh water to a village in Africa," says Steven Lack, a member of the Rotary Club of Pleasant Hill, California, USA. "If you can drink beer and some of the money goes to doing good in the world, that is something you can feel good about."

Fellowships like BREW are Rotary's way of bringing together members who share a particular passion. Rotarian Action Groups unite members who have expertise in a specific service area. The beer fellowship's leaders realized that joining forces with an action group dedicated to providing access to clean water would create a sum larger than the two parts.

"Beer and water have a natural affinity; you need water to brew beer" says Moses Aryee, past president of the Rotary Club of Accra-West, Ghana, and co-chair of the beer fellowship. "Our vision is a global approach to fresh water around the world, because beer is around the world."


Dear Members of the Mequon Thiensville Sunrise Rotary,

Thank you so much for your recent very generous donation of $3,000 to support the work of the Guatemala Medical Resources Partnership in Guatemala. Your continuing support of this mission is so vital and so very much appreciated, as are the team members that you are supporting! We are very excited to be planning our 13th trip for January of 2017 and are glad to have you as a partner in this humanitarian effort.

Our trip in January of 2016 was GMRP’s 12th mission to bring medical, dental and vision care to the people of Oliveros, Guatemala. Although each of our volunteer doctors, dentists, interpreters and helpers pays over $1,000 of their own money for transportation, room and board, it is up to donors like you--Rotary Clubs, churches and other organizations, and caring people--to fund the cost of the clinic itself and to pay for continuing surgical care for patients after we leave.

We are so grateful for your choosing to donate to our ongoing GMRP mission and Continuing Care Project. I hope you will take pride in knowing that your gi  is helping to maintain and improve the health of the rural poor in Guatemala and change lives for the better.

Please visit our website www.gmrp.org to see a short video and learn many more interesting facts about our mission and its work. Remember we are always looking for more medical providers and interpreters to  fill out our team and appreciate your spreading the word among your members and acquaintances.

Once again, many thanks for your loving hearts and generous help,


Barbara O’Connell, Financial Secretary, GMRP

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