Six months in the role of President give me the opportunity to reflect on the service above self eagerly undertaken by our members. It is said that the most precious gift you can give is time. When you give of your time, you give a little of yourself and a part of your life to someone else. Time in the service of others is what defines all Rotarians. This is especially true for Rotarians who are members of the Mequon-Thiensville Sunrise Rotary who are positive people driven to serve.

We began our 2016-2017 journey with the much-enjoyed Changing of the Guard event which had a tropical theme and saw one of our new members do a wonderful limbo move. We learned from the many excellent speakers. We prepared a meal for the residents of Advocates of Ozaukee County and held a children’s toys collection. All time well spent.

Many members spent a great deal of time preparing, organizing and running Lobstefrest. This was our most successful fundraiser. The results are evidence of the very generous business and individuals in our region. The funds raised will be distributed among several organizations in our region and worldwide.

At the half time mark of this fiscal year, we held our Rotary Holiday Party. This was a fun filled evening well planned by members of Club Service.

Many heartfelt thanks to all who continue to be engaged in all activities, your presence is essential and your time is invaluable.


Lucia Francis
Club President