Posted by Steve Lettau on Aug 17, 2017

M-T Sunrise Rotary Club gave a $500 grant earlier this year to the Jail Literacy Program of Ozaukee County to support purchase of educational materials for individuals enrolled in the Jail Literacy Program, which is totally operated by volunteers and supported by donations like ours. During discussion of the grant request, a question was raised about the value of buying materials for a small program like that. Below is a letter from a graduate of the literacy program that responds to our question.

I don’t know if thank you is good enough. I don’t think there is any words to explain what these (Literacy Volunteers) do.   In my experience with them, they contribute something that can’t be bought.   Intelligence and knowledge are just the beginning; with their help it can shape the rest of our lives. As I write this I’m listening to Mrs. P do 283 different things and Mrs. D get Duke set up for a test.  I want to specially thank Mrs. D for spending a whole week with me on math.  Math has always been my weak subject, but with her help I was able to overcome that. When I passed my science test I thought at first I didn’t pass but when I got the scores she said “must have had a good science teacher”.  She was correct.  I had Life Skills with her as well and she’s not only a great science teacher, mathematician but also a great person who cares about our education and our well-being and that goes for both Mrs. D. and Mrs. P.  Mrs. P has helped my communication skills immensely … she even helped me spell that word.

The things these women do for us students can’t be explained or written correctly, it’s just shown.  They not only are teachers but coaches   they push us thru and never settle for less than excellence, even when we don’t see it in our self.  I want to thank (everyone) for the opportunity to get my education I never thought I would have.  Every time I felt like giving up (they) never aloud that to happen and without them pushing me to find the success in myself I would not have graduated, or better my thoughts, or actions.   I will never forget them and what they have done for me and I am in their debts.   “…with my education being completed … I can go anywhere and do anything, and its all thanks to these volunteers.

Again I don’t think words can explain how valuable these women are in this classroom or in the community.  

Thank you.

Austin K.