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Born in Wisconsin, I moved away, and then returned in 1998. I have worked both in industry (consulting and Xerox Corporation) and in higher education (professor of psychology, management and academic dean). 

The Fond du Lac Morning Rotary Club became home and a source of Rotary friends starting in 2000. Travel and international service are passions, along with music, theater, and gardening. My wife Sylvia just retired after years as an institutional researcher and my son Daniel is starting his career as a naturopathic physician.

I look forward to working with you and your Club this year to provide service in our communities and around the world.

Jeff Reed - District Governor
 Aug 25, 2017
 Aug 25, 2017
 Sep 01, 2017
 Sep 08, 2017

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Tim Vertz - President Vertz Marketing
 Sep 15, 2017
 Sep 15, 2017
 Sep 22, 2017
 Oct 19, 2017

Rachel Monaco-Wilcox, J.D.
Chair and Assistant Professor, Justice Department
Coordinator, LOTUS Legal Clinic at Mount Mary University


  • Marquette University Law School,  J.D., cum laude, May 2004
  • Marquette University, Honors B.A. in English and Theology, magna cum laude, May 1999

"Mount Mary's undergraduate justice majors are amazing women.  I get to train them to enter the professional world and to make changes for social good. This happens within their own lives at the same time as it ripples out to effect the community.  I teach about women's law, human trafficking, gender violence, comparative and international law and innovative legal responses to persistent legal problems and new ones created by new technology, climate change, and populations in flux.  

The LOTUS Legal Clinic (Legal Options for Trafficked and Underserved Survivors) and the Untold Stories program series are lynchpins and signature for Mount Mary's work on social justice.  We are committed to a survivor-centered view of changing the status quo of law and culture.  

In the classroom, I also have the joy of sharing my practice experiences in the field of Elder Mediation- a branch of dispute resolution that works with Elder law, probate, trust, and adult guardianship issues.  I draw on my professional network to help my students find their unique place in the law."

Rachel Monaco-Wilcox, J.D. Lotus Legal
 Oct 20, 2017
 Nov 08, 2017
 Dec 14, 2017